Treasure Hunter Fugitive Finally Captured After Two Years on the Run (VIDEO)

A treasure-hunter-turned-fugitive was arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida, authorities reported Wednesday.

According to Brian Babtist, a senior inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service, Tommy Thompson was located at a hotel and taken into custody for his warrant on Tuesday.

Thompson’s discovery of the wreckage of the SS Central America led to the kind of treasure you only hear about in fairy tales; one so great that it’s not supposed to exist. And if it did, no one was ever supposed to actually find it.

As of today, no one is aware of just how much treasure was truly recovered because those details have been kept secret at the reclusive voyager’s request. Although, at one point, he did brag that his find was worth upwards of $1 billion.

In 2012, Thompson failed to appear at a court date to reconcile the funds he owes numerous investors for their role in helping him to literally strike gold. Soon after the epic discovery turned distressing, he vanished — leaving everyone in the dust.

However, now that he has been arrested, maybe people will finally start getting some answers, and their money.

Thompson was captured alongside Alison Anteiker, his longtime squeeze, the New York Post reports. The couple have been hiding out in a Hilton hotel in West Boca Raton this entire time.

To read more about Tommy Thompson, the world’s greatest treasure hunter, check out the story below.


The Story of How America’s Greatest Treasure Hunter Became a Most Wanted Fugitive

Images: AP