WATCH: These Tree-Climbing Goats Produce Something That Makes You Pretty

No, you’re not imagining goats hanging out on trees, and the image you see is not the product of some sort of stunt where someone takes the goats and transports them onto tree branches.

The famous goats of Morocco are famous for their ability to climb the tallest argan trees and hang out on the branches. What they typically do while hanging out is munch out on the yummy argan leaves. And that’s where we get to how they produce expensive argan oil that’s used for hair and in several types of cosmetics.

argan goat

Basically, after digesting the leaves of the argan trees, the goats’ excrete the indigestible seeds, which are then used to produce argan oil. Yes, the stuff of beautification is in the goats’ poop!

At least that’s how argan oil was traditionally derived. These days the industry has been taken over by women who do it by hand without having to touch any goat feces to separate the oil from poo.

Not only are these cute fellas hard at work pooping so our hair looks great, but they also encourage a lot of tourism in Morocco by drawing crowds of people, especially children, to watch them climb trees.