Truth About Woman Arrested in Walmart for Using Tampons in the Feminine Care Aisle

A disgusting news story published by Now8News went viral this weekend, involving a 44-year-old Arkansas woman who was arrested after trying on tampons and sanitary pads in the feminine care aisle of a Walmart. According to the report, the woman was named Cheryl Woolery.

Eyewitnesses say Woolery entered the Walmart store on Monday and approached the customer service desk for a return. Woolery complained that the Tampax ‘Lites’ were causing her to “leak” and the cardboard applicator was just too “rough” for her “woowoo” and she wanted to exchange them for something else.

The story continues, with another employee finding her in the feminine hygiene aisle sampling products. It goes into fairly graphic detail, culminating with Wollery allegedly telling authorities that she should be able to “try on tampons just like you try on clothes in the dressing room, to make sure they fit.”

Such shocking descriptions and statements, combined with the very professional “news station” style design on the image posted above, riled up internet readers who immediately began sharing the story. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice there is no transition between the top section of the story — Woolery visiting the customer service desk — and her suddenly trying on tampons in public. No legitimate news source would make such a mistake. Likewise, the obsessive detailing of female bodily functions felt very much like a joke young boys would make after experiencing their first sex-ed class.

This got us searching, and we discovered this story is FALSE. notes that Now8News “has been the source of a number of outlandish, falsified claims. In July 2015 alone the site spread a fabricated tale about a man purportedly arrested for having sex with a pig in a Walmart bathroom, another claiming aborted fetuses were used in making Chicken McNuggets, and a third falsely reporting that bananas from Walmart were infested with parasitic worms.

So who is the woman? We don’t know for sure. Snopes says she appeared in a Smoking Gun article on funny mugshots, and we’ve found a lot of memes out there featuring this woman. Below are some of our favorites.

woman-arrested-walmart-tampons-meme1 woman-arrested-walmart-tampons-meme2