Mom Woke Up From a Coma 7 Days Later – Couldn’t Remember Son Because of Tampon

After experiencing what seemed like sudden flu symptoms in August 2011, Deborah Usher’s (27) condition quickly worsened to a point where talking or walking normally was impossible. The petrified mommy of one’s condition became so bad that she had to be rushed to hospital. She was placed into an induced coma and her family was told to be prepared for the worst.

An entire week after the onset of her illness Deborah came out of the coma again but she had no memory of anything. She had a very rare condition that could be fatal and this condition changed her life completely and also erased all of her memories. She had lost all of her most precious memories including the fondest ones of her young son. Over the course of five years her memory has returned bit by bit but her story is a strong warning to women from all walks of life.

She was a happy and healthy hotel manager that hailed from Porthmadog in Wales. A couple of days after falling ill she had to be rushed to the intensive care unit because she was suddenly unable to walk or talk properly along with the flu-like symptoms she was experiencing. Doctors soon discovered that she was suffering from toxic shock syndrome or TSS due to the use of super-plus strength tampons during her menstrual cycle.

This rare but extremely serious condition is caused by the staphylococcus aureus bacteria getting access into a person’s bloodstream. The fact is that anybody can contract it but it is mostly found in women that use very absorbent tampons when menstruating. After she was put into a medically induced coma, doctors tried to wake her twice with no level of success and she had to be put on life support. She only awoke from the coma a week afterwards.

At this point her hair was falling out and she couldn’t function normally. Things like walking, dressing herself and eating had to be learned again. She took three months to learn how to walk again. Her memory was severely affected and she forgot things after just a few weeks of it occurring. She even forgot her and her son’s favorite holiday, Christmas. After four years had passed she still struggled to put all of her Christmas memories back together.

Even when looking at photos of the Christmases they had together she still couldn’t recall them. She couldn’t remember opening gifts and enjoying these days with her son. She says that the illness has taken over her life completely and that she feels like she is living with a constant hangover where her memory hits a blank and her head feels weird.

It wasn’t until 2015 that feeling that her memory started to improve. She actually remembered her son’s birthday.

Worried about getting toxic shock syndrome?

By alternating between using tampons or other internally worn products with pads you can reduce the risk of contracting TSS says the McKinley Health Center in Illinois. One should also use a tampon with the lowest absorbency needed to keep your flow in check. You need to review the product information regarding absorbency and it has to be changed as instructed.

All images courtesy of Caters News Agency