TV Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing at Fat Kitty

Oh news anchors, we feel for you. When you bring us breaking news, hard hitting interviews and investigations, and keep us up to date with what’s going on around the world, we don’t give you a second look or a even a thank you.

But when you do something embarrassing, like laugh uncontrollably on national TV (and end with a snort), that’s when you get noticed and are all over the internet. Ain’t that life?

So was the case with WDBJ7 news anchor Susan Bahorich, who couldn’t contain her laughter when covering the story of a fat kitty swimming to lose weight. At times, you can’t even understand what she is saying. The broadcast aired in February but is now picking up steam and going viral.

We feel for you news anchors, but something like this can’t be passed up…it needs to be shared. We just hope there are no hard feelings with Susan, as we love her great energy and childlike abandon in the video.

Watch the clip above.