‘Twilight’ Star Kellan Lutz Embraces Fame to Help Others

Kellan Lutz is full of surprises, but not the wacky kind of character twists one find with many young Hollywood types these days.

That’s what’s revealed in Document, a newly-launched fashion, art and culture magazine. Writer Jeremy Kinser sat down with the 27-year-old actor, who shot to fame playing Emmett Cullen—adopted brother of Robert Pattinson’s Edward— in the Twilight films. But the interview isn’t only about his Twihard fan base. Rather, Lutz discusses his humble roots, his charity work, and how he can use his new-found fame to help others.

Actor Kellan Lutz moves from Twilight to charity in his real life.“My mom went through a lot of hardship,” he says in the candid interview. “We had a lot of people from the churches, people we didn’t even know, who would come in and help us out … there were tough times.” That first-hand experience with compassion fed into Lutz’s world view, and now he works with Saving Innocence and the St. Bernard Project, the charity helping to rebuild New Orleans. He’s also learning how to use his fame to bring aid where it’s needed.

“There have been times when I’ve been in New Orleans working on a St. Bernard project and I’ll tweet and 50 people will show up to help build a house,” he says, adding that he also offers his time at animal shelters and Boys & Girls Clubs. It soon becomes clear that charity work is not only Lutz’s way to give back, but it also serves as an escape from the pressures of Hollywood, keeping him grounded.

While the article doesn’t explore his character’s motivations in the new Twilight film– sorry, girls– the actor does talk about disliking the script when he first read it, the challenge of sitting for iconic painter Don Bachardy, and his quiet life in Venice, CA. Check it out, along with more amazing images, on the Document website.