Twilight’s Kellan Lutz – Everything You Need to Know in 4 Photos

Twilight star Kellan Lutz has been on our minds a lot lately. First he showed us his deeper sensibilities by discussing his charity work in an interview fromĀ Document magazine, and now he’s revealing a lot more in a beautiful photo set from celebrity photographer Mark Abrahams.

Abrahams has shot many famous faces, from Dakota Fanning and Charlize Theron to Glee’s Lea Michelle and Justin Bieber. His work is often moody, captivating, equal parts glamtastic and yet candid. But with this set featuring Lutz– photos that all the Twilight and hot boy fan sites are swapping around like pages from a naughty magazine that they’re going to study underneath the covers tonight– we discover things we never knew about the star.

Go on a journey with us, won’t you?

Kellan Lutz black and white photos from Mark Abrahams

His soft, beguiling beauty belays the fact that he has bulging triceps. Indeed, even he sometimes forgets he has them.

Kellan Lutz new photo set from Mark Abrahams
Sometimes he just needs a hug. Alas, when he is alone and looking to the heavens for answers on life, he’s forced to comfort himself.
Kellan Lutz chest photos
He sometimes feels pectacular in his loosely fitting shirts, and thinks about what that means.
Kellan Lutz hot photo new
When hungry, he eats chains. Don’t judge him. Please.