Twins Separated At Birth Discover Each Other On Social Media

Two girls who were separated not just at birth but also by entire continents, discovered each other by accident via social media. Samantha Futerman is an actress from California, while Anais Bordier is a French fashion student living in London. Neither girl knew that they had a twin, until Bordier stumbled across a YouTube video in which Futerman appeared.

Bordier was stunned to see someone so identical to herself and showed the video to her friends, who were also shocked by the similarity the two bore to each other. Inspired, Bordier did some research and discovered that Futerman, like herself, was adopted—and that the girls shared a birth date.

Bordier took a chance and contacted Futerman on Facebook, discovering that they were in fact born in the same city. Their story is clearly much more than a mere coincidence. They discovered that they are indeed identical twin sisters separated at birth.


After chatting on Skype for a while, Futerman flew to London with her family to meet Bordier and her family.

The girls described how they felt during the discovery, and said they felt a link or a connection simply from interacting on social media.

“At first glance, I saw only my own face staring back from ‘her’ profile picture,” Futerman wrote.

“The girl in the picture was looking at me and I was looking back at myself,” said Bordier.

The two created a Kickstarter campaign, which has since been funded, for a documentary about their discovery of each other and the journey to sisterhood that they embarked upon. Their documentary—titled “Twinsters”— will be touring the festival circuit in 2015.

Check out the trailer in the video above.