Twitterverse Makes Light of Superdome’s Blackout Situation

Super Bowl XLVII broke overnight rating records, quite possibly making it the most-watched game in history. The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in a nail-biter game, but the Ravens’ win wasn’t the only thing that had people talking.

While half-time performers are known to generate a lot of buzz, Beyoncé’s act was one of the highest anticipated half-time events in recent years. Add a surprise Destiny’s Child reunion to the mix, a medley of old favorites and new songs, and a hiccup-free performance, and it’s no wonder that viewers everywhere were blown away.

There was, however, a hiccup of a different kind just moments into the start of the third quarter. The biggest game of the year came to a complete stop for 34 long, confusing minutes because of a power outage that literally left parts of the Superdome in the dark.

While there were no immediate explanations – the first official findings came about two hours after the game, revealing that an “abnormality” in the power system triggered an automatic shutdown – viewers wasted no time coming up with their own explanations, and of course turned the confusing situation into a big laugh-fest.

Check out some of the funniest tweets that made light of the whole situation.