Two Brothers Drag Injured Hammerhead Shark Ashore to Save Its Life

We have no idea why sharks have been in the media so much lately. Have you seen the video of this bull shark pulling a fisherman into the water? What about these beachgoers rescuing a stranded great white? Or pro surfer Mick Fanning getting attacked during a competition?

It seems like people are legitimately scared of sharks. They’re also not properly educated about them. Just look at how this grandma reacted when she thought a shark was breaking through the glass at a museum. All we can manage to think about when sharks find their way into a conversation are rows of sharp teeth and blood.

But not all encounters with these predators have to be terrifying.

When two brothers visited Panama City, Florida, they discovered an injured hammerhead shark swimming near the shore. Without hesitating, they immediately took action.

Me and my brother fight to save an injured hammerhead shark on the Destin, FL shoreline and bravely took it to safety away from the public. My brother, once realizing it was injured, swam out to bring it to shore away from people still in the water. I filmed this heroic display as he dragged the injured 10 ft. hammerhead to shore. The shark was pulled to shore and we realized it had several deep sea fishing hooks in its mouth as well as steel fishing line tangled in and around its head. My brother, along with help from bystanders worked to get the hooks out and save the dying shark. My brother was able to pull the shark into deeper water until it was able to swim away safely in an attempt to avoid further injuring itself or the public.

All of the distress and yelling heard in the background were caused by a natural fear from certain individuals and lack of understanding the situation as well as the behaviors of hammerhead sharks. Once bystanders realized we were trying to help the shark they quickly did what they could to help.

Check out the awesome footage in the video above.