Two Old Ladies Ride the Escalator in the Most Unexpected and Hilarious Way Possible

We’ve had our share of messing around on escalators and using them as play fodder when we were kids. Whether it was running up an escalator that was descending or sitting on the moving handrails just for fun, we’ve done it all.

When it comes to these two cute old ladies, however, we have a feeling their strange antics are 100% for practical reasons and 0% for fun. We’re not sure if they’re scared of losing their balance getting on the escalator or intimidated by the offload point at the top but whatever it is, they’ve figured out their own unique way to ride the moving staircase. Watch as one hops onto the handrail and the other hitches a ride by holding on to her. The standersby reaction makes it even better.

They could also just have us all fooled and are really just rule-breakin’ bad asses at heart. Whatever it is, it’s a hoot to watch, so check it out in the video below.