Two Men Throw Snake at Fast Food Workers, Because of Onions

Working in the service industry isn’t easy — you have to deal with difficult customers, rush hours, food shortages, and, of course, the inevitable bouts of reptile throwing.

One fast food worker at a Tim Horton’s in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan learned about this unfortunate occupational hazard the hard way Monday night. The Saskatoon Police Department announced, simply, that two men were arrested for — well, just read for yourself.

The department later released a report on the incident, which states that the two men started fighting with a Tim Horton’s employee over the onions on their sandwiches. They wanted their onions diced, but alas, they were not. It was then, around 7:30 a.m. that they unleashed the snake.

One man reached into the pocket of the other, pulled out a snake, and threw it behind the counter. Shocked staff members fled the store in fear. The snake was thankfully a harmless garter snake, and no one was injured. Police nicknamed the snake “Outlaw.”