This Fun Smooshy Faces Project Will Make You Laugh

Perhaps the best thing about creating art is that the inspiration for it can strike at any moment.

That’s what happened for photographer Wes Naman, who got idea for one of his recent works while wrapping Christmas presents with his assistant, Joy Godfrey. The two were busy wrapping various presents one day when Godfrey applied a piece of tape to her nose, and bent it in a silly position. Naman reacted by putting a piece of tape to his lips.

And that was it. That was the inspiration for what would turn out to become a viral hit.

The Scotch Tape project is a series of photographs “in which [Naman] uses this pliable plastic to completely cover and distort people into zombie-like caricatures of themselves” according to Wired. By bending features, squeezing and folding fleshy parts of the face and playing around with eyebrow placement, Naman created the series to make the models look like completely different versions of themselves, resulting in sometimes hilarious, sometimes alarming, sometimes down-right scary smooshy faces.

What we love about this project is that he took one of our favorite childhood games of making funny faces and applied it to grown-ups. It’s a good reminder to let loose and act a little silly sometimes, don’t you think?

Check out some of Naman’s works from the Scotch Tape series in the slideshow above and to learn more about his work, visit his site by clicking here.