Two Teenagers Discover They’re Sisters at High School Track Meet (VIDEO)

Touching reunions like this one are the kind of stories that have power to make us believe in fate.

Jordan Dickerson and Robin Jeter always shared common interests and characteristics–both were athletic and excelled in school. But it wasn’t until they recently competed at a high school track meet that they discovered something far more extraordinary.

The two were actually sisters.

The chance meeting was made possible all because one of Jordan’s teammates was mistakenly cheering for Robin as she crossed the finish line. Little did he know that Jordan was sitting above him in the bleachers watching the race.

As you can imagine, they were both extremely puzzled until a mutual friend of the girls’ introduced them to each other.

Come to find out, they lived only a few miles apart in Washington, D.C., for 17 years. When they were just infants, Jordan was adopted into a home as an only child and Robin spent the majority of her childhood in foster care.

Initially, the sisters were a little weary about getting to know one another, but are now pretty much inseparable.


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