Two-Week-Old Baby Abandoned by Both Parents Because of Her Skin Condition

A two-week-old baby girl was already fighting for her life after being born after only seven months in the womb. She must face even more difficulty to survive after both of her parents have rejected and abandoned her because of her rare skin condition that gives her an unusual wrinkly appearance.

According to reports from Western India, the little girl’s grandfather is the only person taking care of her now. He kept her alive for the first two weeks by feeding her goat’s milk with a spoon—but after she became ill he knew he had to get her to a hospital.

Doctors believe that the little girl’s unusual features are due to some chromosomal abnormality, in addition to the condition known as Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation.

Her grandfather, Dilip Dode, said he has tried to get the girl’s parents to accept her, but they have refused.

He explained that despite a normal pregnancy and delivery, his daughter-in-law and son were appalled to discover their daughter was born with the strange skin condition.

“No one held the baby in [their] hands as they thought they will catch the disease,” Dode told news outlets. “But I knew it was not her fault, so I started taking care of her. My only hope is that she gets well and lives a normal life.”

He said that while he will continue to try to reunite the girl with her parents, he will raise the girl himself in the meantime.