Two Women Created These Designer Purses to Mask the Odor of Weed

Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch just might have revolutionized the way people carry around their weed: pot purses.

These two fashionable women didn’t like that every time they wanted to smoke a joint, they had to pull out their plastic bags and dig through their packages of paper.

Since the use of medical and recreational marijuana continues to be widely accepted, they decided there had to be a better, more stylish way to carry their herb. Quite frankly, it was cramping their style.

They came up with luxurious handbags and clutches under the brand name, AnnaBis, that are lined with odor-blocking material and has a dedicated place for everything weed-related. From pipes to breath mints, the bags include compartments for it all.


Shuch studied interior design at Parsons School of Design, while Moss has a background in marketing and communications. Both women share a commonality of consuming high designer accessories.

They decided to launch a luxury bag, directed to an audience who normally purchase high end designer handbags such as Tory Burch.

The entrepreneurs see the bag as a statement about marijuana’s increasing popularity. “It’s the expression of power and succes. [The bags are about] women feeling validated in their choices. We’re going to validate that choice with beautiful accessories.” Shuch said.

The bags have been selling online for a little under a month, with their most excited customers hailing from the West Coast.