Two-Year-Old Gives Birth to Twin Brother

Xiao Feng, of Huaxi, China, has “given birth” to the undeveloped dead fetus of his twin.

According to Fox News, the two-year-old was taken to the hospital after his parents noticed he was having issues breathing and his stomach was abnormally bloated.

Upon arrival, doctors discovered that the boy was carrying a fetus within his stomach and performed an emergency surgery to remove it, reported theĀ Inquisitr. Doctors explained that the he would have died if the parasitic twin had not been removed. The lifeless fetus was said to be about 10 inches wide, with a fully-formed spine and limbs.

When a fertilized egg splits in two, the result is identical twins, but when a fertilized egg begins to split, but fails to do so completely, conjoined twins occur.

In the case of Feng, his conjoined twin had been absorbed into his body within the womb.