Tyrese Gibson Catches His Date Googling His Net Worth, Puts Her on Blast

Tyrese Gibson just got himself out of what may have been a bad gold-digger situation when he found out the woman he was on a date with had looked up his net worth online.

The actor shared a screenshot along with the story on Instagram, explaining he was on a date when his phone died so he asked the woman if he could borrow hers. Maybe she forgot what was on her phone, because she handed it over without closing out of Gibson’s celebritynetworth.com page, which he saw as soon as he pulled up the phone browser.

Of course after Gibson saw what the woman was up to, he quickly ended the date, according to Uniladmag.com, and then went on Instagram to put her on blast.

Looks like it’ll be on to the next one for Gibson and his $25 million.

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