Uber Driver to Cancer Patient: You Deserved Cancer & Are “An Animal”

Uber driver horror stories have been all the rage lately, but this one takes the current “prize.”

Alexandra Craigle is a cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York. She ordered an Uber to take her home after getting radiation treatment. She canceled it one minute after making the request, and the driver suddenly began abusing her on both her phone voice mail (calling three times) and via text. As you can see in the screen shot below, he initially called her “an animal” for doing it. Craigle tried explaining why she canceled the car (to go back and retrieve her head scarf so she could cover her bald head in fall-weather New York), but that really set the driver off.

We fixed the typos, but here’s what he wrote:

Yeah right I think you deserve what happened to you with such a character.

You hang up the phone and cancel the trip … go see a head doctor too.

Uber textCraigle got onto Twitter to tell friends and followers what happened, which brought her complaints to Uber’s attention. (You can read all of her tweets here, since her Twitter account will eventually have them buried.) This got a $30 ride credit, but as of this morning she hadn’t used it.

This is just one more bad bit of press that Uber has received lately — only the previous firestorm was started by Uber’s senior vice president Emil Michael who privately mentioned plans to harass reporters critical of the company, with a specific threat against journalist Sarah Lacy. (Lacy initially declined to comment on Michael’s remarks, but then denounced them in a column.) Michael has since apologized for his remarks, and Uber spokeswoman Nairi Hourdajian told BuzzFeed via email, “Any such activity would be clear violations of our privacy and data access policies. Access to and use of data is permitted only for legitimate business purposes. These policies apply to all employees. We regularly monitor and audit that access.”