WATCH: ‘UFO’ Beams Light on Earth Before NASA Cuts Feed

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original video showing the live footage was yanked from YouTube. The only replacement we could find is the one above, which uses screen caps to tell the story.

Lately, many people are claiming that NASA is hiding information from the general public, specifically about UFOs. This video, for example, is one of several over the past few weeks that show captivating (and seemingly paranormal) footage being cut right when the viewer wants to learn more, perhaps see more of what seems to be alien life.

The fact that the video footage is interrupted only makes people believe what they wouldn’t normally think is possible: Alien life.

Now, whether or not you believe in UFOs or aliens, you should take a look at this newly captured occurrence as seen on cameras from the International Space Station.

UFO experts and enthusiast Scott Waring hypothesized about the lights seen in the video:

“How much longer will NASA go on with this charade? This looks like a craft in space and is partly cloaked. The sun at a certain angle and is causing a small part of the UFO to become visible. This is a very cool catch by Streetcap1. NASA noticed it and went to blue screen.”

Other UFO hunters have even said the video is proof that aliens are attacking Earth with plasma!

While you may not be an expert, you are entitled to your own opinion on what the light beams actually are. We’d love to hear from you on this topic so let us know what you think below.

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