WATCH: ‘UFO’ Spotted Moving Across the Sky Above Miami International Airport Is Not What You Think

According to the Miami Herald, what everyone is talking about  — with wild speculations about a UFO — is something entirely different.

Yesterday, many people looked up at the sky above Miami International Airport just after 6 a.m. These beautiful but strange lights had people completely believing they are from a UFO aircraft. Hordes of bewildered folks took photos with their phones and posted pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As convincing as the viral footage is we’re here to break the news to you that this is not a UFO sighting.

Apparently, the moving spacecraft is the Atlas V rocket, which was being launched from Cape Canaveral. It gave a wild lights show as it moved across the sky. The 21-story rocket is delivering a Navy satellite into orbit.

So there you have it. Next time you see these images coming up on your feed, you may want to play know-it-all and let people know that these aren’t aliens but a rocket system setting up a satellite.