Latest Fleet of UFOs Caught on Camera

Some people completely believe in UFOs, some people are willing to consider that they exist, and then there are the people who think the whole subject is ridiculous. This video will make a believer out of any doubters out there.

It was the earliest hours of the morning in Tarma, Peru on June 22nd when five sets of double lights became visible in the black sky. The men watching first noticed the fleet of lights and began capturing the orbs on their phones. That’s when suddenly the lights changed position (you’ll see the sudden shift in the brief clip).

Whether you believe in UFOs or not, ever since this video first appeared, it has been shared by OVNI, a respected UFO-focused website that collects UFO stories and videos from all over the world. Many people who’ve seen this video in the past couple of days feel convinced that it’s further proof of alien life. After all, what other than an alien spaceship is equipped with double lights–and 5 sets of them? Certainly not an airplane. How else can anyone explain these mysterious lights in the sky and the sudden shifting that happens with them in the video?

The feedback from UFO experts and followers of the subject is that there’s been a lot of extra terrestrial activity lately and that this is definitely a flight formation pattern we see in this video. If you know of anything related to this sighting or know of anymore recent UFO activity, please let us.