CRAZY VIDEO: Comet Over California Releases Mysterious Glowing Orb into the Sky

We’re skeptics at heart, but it’s not quite enough to quell our inner conspiracy-theorist when we see an insane video like this. If you’ll only watch for a few seconds, you may catch a UFO emerging from the white flames of a comet and flying the other way.

Say what? The YouTube video description, posted by user Ken Roberts, explains some of the back story:

I was driving home after work when this UFO or whatever you call it caught my eye. I pulled over in front of somebody’s house to film it. I would have got a better shot but I didn’t want to jump these peoples fence. Anyway I don’t know what the hell to make of it. Couldn’t have been a plane cause there was no noise. And I never heard a crash after either. The Orb thing flew straight up into the sky and disappeared. Sorry I didn’t film that. I didn’t know what to focus my attention on.

What do you think? Are the aliens already among us? Is this just bad video editing?

P.S.┬áThe actual content of the video is all in the first minute — ignore the last two minutes of the video, which is just black space.