7 Ugliest Cars from the Detroit Auto Show

When you hear about the Detroit Auto Show, everyone thinks of those cool concept cars with their sexy new bodies and incredible computerized operating systems. We’re as guilty of it as the next guy. When we posted photos from the LA Auto Show┬álast year, we only displayed the best of the best — the ones everyone was talking about. Even our brother site TopKit focused on the sleek, sophisticated designs rolling out of both LA, and the super slick models at the Tokyo Motor Show. (And they really ARE slick. You should check them out when you get a second.)

So as we prepped for covering the Detroit Auto Show, we planned on doing the same thing. But then we got to looking around and we realized we were skipping over certain cars because they were… well… lame. Sure, you could expect one car that doesn’t fit your tastes, but 5, 6, or 10 of them? That seemed extreme. And as we thought about it even more, that also seemed strange.

Detroit should be a premiere auto show. It should showcase cars that blow your mind. We should be posting photos and images that make you want to call up your buddies, show them off to them, and then immediately get on a plane so you can go to Detroit and see them in person. That’s what we expect from the former car capital of the United States. Instead, we got a few “Meh…” and more than a couple chuckles.

But rather than bemoan the situation, we thought we’d have some fun with it. So, with that in mind, here are the 10 ugliest cars from the Detroit Auto Show. Enjoy the ride.