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Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Valentine’s day can be daunting — you can either score big with your plans or wind up offending / annoying someone and ending up in hot water.

In order to help you guys and gals, we thought a straightforward table with clear ideas might help you stay out of trouble. Normally I write my bits for First to Know solo, but living in New Orleans and attending my first Mardis Gras has left me battered and happily sick. So with that in mind, my husband Paul Fickett has joined me in the cause.

We narrowed the endless possibilities or relationships down to stages to make your Valentine activities straightforward: Freshly Dating, Super Smooshy, and The Knot’s been Tied.

Some Fun Facts

It’s true that many people view Valentine’s Day as a fabricated holiday created by greeting card companies to torture men and get them in trouble if they don’t buy their sweetheart the perfect gift. However, Saint Valentine was a real man who spent the better part of his years imprisoned due to his Christian faith. He was finally sentenced to death, but only after falling in love with and miraculously healing the beautiful and blind daughter of his jailer  It is said that he wrote the first Valentine’s card to the girl, signing it “Your Valentine.”

I think in the end, whether you follow these steps or not, this is a day for love. So if you have it, celebrate it — whether it’s with that special someone, a relative, or your friends!

Megan Victoria is a jewelry designer and artist living and working in New Orleans with her husband.

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