Unbelievably Cute and Creative Japanese-Style Meals

Japanese meals often look like works of art, with delicately cut, cooked, and arranged items that make you want to snap a photo before diving in to eat. But the images in the slide show above? They’re so adorable you may not want to eat the meal at all — no matter how hungry you are.

We discovered this collection of culinary cuties on the website Pulptastic. There’s no real copy talking about the pictures of bento boxes, so we scrolled down and found this small note: “Special thanks to BoredPanda for compiling these images.” Ahh, now we know where most of this collection of cute Japanese meals (or perhaps we should say “Japanese-inspired meals” since we don’t know if they actually came from Japan or not) originated.

BoredPanda basically asked readers to send in their favorite pictures. We don’t know if the submissions are from the people who actually created these bento box lunches or not, but we do know that they made us smile — and we’re adults. Why is that?

BoredPanda summarizes the reaction this way:

We can all pretend that these are just good ways to get kids to eat, but we all know that we would all melt with joy if presented with a bento lunchbox full of panda-shaped rice balls or a bowl of rabbit-shaped buns.

Perfectly said. Check out some of the pandas, rabbits, anime and Totoro-inspired meals in the slide show above. We have 10 of our favorites here, and you can view a larger selection at Pulptastic.

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