Scientists Claim Men With Dad Bods Are More Attractive To Women And Live Longer

While the plus-size and curves craze have taken over women's perceptions of beauty on social media, men have quietly been staging their own physical attractiveness revolution. Introducing: the 'dad bod'. Ever wonder how Leonard DiCaprio...

Bras Make Breasts Saggier, French Study Finds

French researcher has discovered that instead of lifting you up, your bra may be making your boobs go south.

10 Most Dangerous Weapons You Can Legally Own in the US

Whether it's for self protection or you just want a piece of history that looks cool on your wall, here are the 10 most dangerous weapons you can legally own in the US. Chain...

Man Charged With Drug Offenses Because $324K Smelt Like Cocaine

A 46-year-old man was arrested and charged on drug offenses because his stash of $324,000 smelt like cocaine. Gerald Flores was pulled over by police in Bergen, New Jersey in June and when officers searched...

This Is The Best Way To Call In Sick When You Need A Day...

We all need to play hooky sometimes, whether it be from school, work, or that mystery we call life. Maybe you’re feeling sorry for yourself after a great night out, or you’re really, really tired – no,...

This Guy Sent His Date A PowerPoint Presentation… & Got Dumped

FROM THE FTK ARCHIVES... PowerPoint and romance apparently don't mix, which is something one hopeful dater from London found out after getting dumped by a guy he was meant to be meeting up with...
Oprah Meets Schizophrenic 7 Year Old

WATCH: The Time Oprah Met the Schizophrenic 7-Year-Old with Over 200 Imaginary Friends

See the moment Oprah meets schizophrenic 7 year old and what she learned along the way. Also, see what happened as the girl grew.
scary alien face

WATCH: 4 Out of This World UFO Sightings Caught on Camera

These UFO sighting videos may completely blow your mind -- or convince you that UFO obsessors are whacked out.
Diabetics Making Their Own Insulin

VIDEO: Why Some Diabetics Are Making Their Own Insulin

The price of insulin is skyrocketing and leaving some Americans in dire straights. See why some diabetics are making their own insulin and how they're doing it.

Dad’s Emotional Video Defending Son’s Down Syndrome Goes Viral

This video shows a father's pain, his love, and the determination to do right by his son.