scary alien face

WATCH: 4 Out of This World UFO Sightings Caught on Camera

These UFO sighting videos may completely blow your mind -- or convince you that UFO obsessors are whacked out.
Diabetics Making Their Own Insulin

VIDEO: Why Some Diabetics Are Making Their Own Insulin

The price of insulin is skyrocketing and leaving some Americans in dire straights. See why some diabetics are making their own insulin and how they're doing it.

Dad’s Emotional Video Defending Son’s Down Syndrome Goes Viral

This video shows a father's pain, his love, and the determination to do right by his son.
Man Marries Cobra

Thai Man Marries Cobra He Thinks Is His Dead Girlfriend

Meet the man who marries cobra after thinking she was his dead girlfriend reincarnated. See exactly why he thought this was so.
Jennifer Lopez Daughter Singing

Jennifer Lopez’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Emme’s Singing May Shock You!

See the moment Jennifer Lopez daughter Emme's singing blows everyone away! You may be shocked at what come out of her vocal chords!

Man Lost Over 40 Pounds With Beer-Only Diet for Lent

Del Hall of Ohio decided he would try something different for Lent this year. Based on an ancient Bavarian Monk tradition, he cut out all food and drinks and decided to only...
MacDonald's Menu Changes

McDonald’s Is Doing What? Late Night Snacks Are Forever Changing

According to a company spokesperson for MacDonald's, late-night snacks are changing big time for the company on April 30. There are several MacDonald's menu changes that may leave...

Haunted House Adventure

WARNING. This adventure contains graphic images and language not suitable for children. Collect the secret letters, avoid death, and uncover the hidden phrase for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Amazon.com! To enter,...

Anyone Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Will Be Shot, Venice Mayor Claims

Anyone who shouts "Allahu Akbar" in Venice will be shot by snipers, the city's mayor has threatened. The right-wing mayor of the Italian city, Luigi Brugnaro, reportedly made the threat at a conference in Rimini,...

Mom Of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Asks To Make Her ‘Death Count’

The mother of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old killed during a counter-protester against the white nationalist march in Charlottesville on Saturday, has broken her silence with an impassioned speech. Susan Bro, whose daughter was killed after...