Undercover Boss Discovers His Employee Is Homeless — Surprises Her with a Much Needed Blessing

Angel, a single mother of three, knows exactly what it’s like to fall upon some hard times. Although she is an incredibly hardworking, positive woman, while pregnant with her third child, she suffered financially and was forced to move into a homeless shelter.

She had been living there for about two years when her life changed after an unexpected visit from the CEO of Modell Sporting Goods, the store where she had been working for quite some time.

When Mitch Modell went undercover and pretended to be a new hire, Angel took him under her wing and mentored him for the day. But when he finally heard her story about the life she had been living, it really hit him hard.

So, he decided to do something about it and change her life.

Modell met with Angel and revealed that he was promoting her to an assistant manager position and that her annual salary would increase by $14,000. And that’s not even the best part.

He then told her that he couldn’t bear knowing that she had to go home each night after work to a homeless shelter. That’s when he pulled out a check for $250,000, saying through tears, “I want you to move out of there immediately, like tonight.”