Disturbing Undercover Video of Dairy Farm Will Make You Never Drink Milk Again

Most of us have heard rumors and seen documentaries touting the horrible animal cruelty at corporate farms, but we’ve yet to see anything this bad.

Be warned, for the above footage depicts disturbing animal abuse in detail, so watch at your own peril. The video was created by an animal activist group who compiled clips of cows being abused at the Winchester Dairy in New Mexico.

The violence perpetrated against these cows is almost unspeakable. Workers punch the cows, kick them into order, whip them with chains, and even stab them with screwdrivers.

Mercy for Animals, the organization affiliated with the undercover investigator who captured the footage, say that one cow was denied veterinary care, on top of all other injustices perpetrated at Winchester Dairy, which produces milk for Leprino Foods, the world’s largest producer of mozzarella cheese.

Leprino ended their contract with the dairy on Wednesday.

“Sadly, what you have just seen is merely a glimpse of the ongoing cruelty and violence documented at this dairy factory farm,” said Mercy for Animals representative Vandhana Bala.

The organization spoke about the video on Wednesday. The New Mexico Livestock Board is currently investigating, but Mercy for Animals hopes that dairy companies will look into the abuse as well.

“No socially-responsible corporation should support dairy operations that beat, kick, shock and drag animals,” said Bala.

Winchester Dairy has reportedly shut down all operations following the release of the footage and are sending their cows to other dairy farms. Hopefully, they’ll be treated more humanely in their new homes.