Unexplained Mysterious Phenomenon: Rat Kings

Until recently, we had no idea what rat kings were, or even that they existed. A rat king is an unexplained mysterious phenomenon in the animal kingdom in which the creatures become tangled up at their tails. It’s almost as if someone tied them into a big knot.

They are also usually joined together by feces, blood and dirt. As a result, the rats end up growing together joined at their tails, which often become broken during the process.

Rat kings are most frequently found in Germany, though sightings have been reported in Indonesia, Belgium and France.

In the past, rat kings were considered an extremely bad omen because they were associated with plagues.

The featured image above shows one of the largest mummified rat kings ever discovered, consisting of 32 rats. It is currently held at the Mauritianum Museum in Altenburg, Germany.