The Unwanted, Abandoned Children of Bulgaria Will Make You Count Your Blessings

DISCLAIMER: This footage of abandoned children may be too disturbing for some readers. It’s difficult to watch.

In the small village of Mogilino, Bulgaria, dozens of unwanted, abandoned children lived a life of misery.

Many of the children were simply left in their beds to waste away, while others, having never been given any stimulation, resort to rocking back and forth endlessly.

Bulgaria allegedly has more mentally and physically disabled children than anywhere else in Europe, and perhaps the world.

Documentary filmmaker Kate Blewett made the above film to expose their heartbreaking lives. She shined a light on a world that once remained hidden from view.

After the documentary aired, the Bulgarian government put Unicef in charge of finding new homes for all of the institution’s children. And in 2009, the facility shown above was finally closed down.