UPS Makes Little Boy’s Dream Come True with His Very Own Delivery Truck

It’s that time of year again—when holiday ads start making you feel warm, and a little weepy with emotion. This time, it’s a UPS holiday spot about four-year-old Carson from Colorado Springs, Colorado—and his dream of becoming a UPS driver.

As a part of the Your Wishes Delivered campaign by UPS, Carson was surprised with a special delivery: his very own little UPS delivery truck that he can use to drive around the neighborhood. While Carson already looked the part in his custom-made UPS uniform—complete with boots and hat—now he is aided by his truck, which he uses to share hand-delivered packages of cookies and muffins with his neighbors.

His dream started when he met his neighborhood delivery driver Ernie Lagasca—who Carson calls “Mr. Ernie.” Carson’s mom, Karen Kight, told KRDO that Lagasca would make frequent deliveries to their house, and became fast friends with her son.

“He’s just one of those guys who, to me, is very special and has become a very special role model in Caron’s life,” said Kight.

Carson would watch from the window until one day, when he was about two-and-a-half years old, Lagasca asked if he’d like to see the truck. Carson—who had always loved trucks— loved it, and the iconic brown truck became his favorite. So, it was only fitting that it was Lagasca who made the special delivery to make Carson’s dream come true.

“There’s a lot of neat people,” said Lagasca. “But nobody stands out like our Carson does. He’s really special.”

The Your Wishes Delivered campaign invites the public to share their wishes during the holidays—and will be donating $1 to charity for each wish submitted using #WishesDelivered.

Watch the full video of the holiday spot above, but be warned that you’ll probably need a box of tissues on hand.