US Bars Opening Early For James Comey Hearing Parties

James Comey, FBI Director
James Comey, FBI Director

The Comey Hearing is turning into the political Superbowl as Americans get ready to hear all the dirt on President Trump.

Former FBI Director James Comey will answer questions on the investigation into links between Donald Trump’s team and Russia, Thursday morning and bars are opening early to provide a ringside seat for the potentially explosive revelations.

He is expected to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee at around 10 a.m. E.T, with bars across the United States throwing “Covfefe” parties that offer rolling coverage of the testimony alongside politically-themed drink and food deals.

Donald Trump
Shots for everytime Trump tweets

One Washington D.C. bar is even offering shots every time Trump tweets during the live testimony, which is expected to run until 4 pm.

Shaw’s Tavern in Washington D.C. is inviting people down to their “Comey Hearing Covefe” event, where they’re offering an FBI breakfast, while the Axelrad bar in Houston has drinks on the menu with names likes Impeachmint, Bad Hombre and Frozen Covfefe.

The Seattle Times has even come up with a James Comey drinking game to play along with, which includes two sips for every mention of Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions and three for “fake news”.

Comey, who was fired by Trump in May as FBI Director, is expected to answer questions regarding the bureau’s investigation into links between Trump’s team and Russia.

More specifically, he is expected to give his view on whether Trump abused his power during his dealings with Comey and whether he obstructed justice when he asked Comey to shut down areas of the FBI’s investigation. Comey released his opening statement on Wednesday afternoon, giving Washington D.C. a juicy taste of what to expect from the hearing.

In it, he claimed Trump demanded him to drop the probe into Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser and pushed him to publicly comment on whether Trump was under personal investigation.