How to Use Chopsticks – Lifehack for Beginners

For some people, learning how to use chopsticks can be a real chore — and that can be really frustrating.

You see people using them, deftly lifting sushi, savory noodles and rice into their mouths, and yet you can’t hold those two sticks between your fingers without accidentally flicking it away and onto a neighboring diner’s lap. You know you’re smart, you know how to drive a car for God’s sake, but the skill needed to manipulate those two wooden sticks seems to allude you. And so you whisper to the waitress that you want a fork, and hope no one notices.

Fortunately for you, help has arrived. Daniel Elhers, who has his own YouTube Channel of life hack videos, has created one focusing on how to use chopsticks. It’s less of a tutorial, and more of a smart way you can use them when dining out at your favorite restaurant, but it works nonetheless. And once you get this little cheat working, it will help you figure out how to properly hold a set of chopsticks so that you can use them without his little sneaky trick.

Check out Elhers “How to Use Chopsticks” video above, and see for yourself.

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