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Rare Look at Utah’s Zion National Park’s Stunning Canyon

Deep within Utah’s Zion National Park is a stunningly beautiful canyon offering an abundance of untouched natural beauty for those lucky enough to experience it.

Located down between the North and South Guardian Angel peaks, the Subway is limited to only 80 hikers a day with fewer than 12 people in a group. Park officials instituted the lottery system after they noticed the area was becoming more and more popular with visitors and hikers.

The lottery is only done during peak seasons between March and November, and for those who get to journey the gorgeous canyon, it is the opportunity of a lifetime.

With sculpted slots and tunnels, filtered soft light that imparts a vibrant color on the algae and rocks, and uniquely breathtaking views that rival the most surreal paintings, the subway offers a quarter mile of rarely seen natural beauty for hikers.

However, the visual treat doesn’t come without its physical obstacles. The 9.5 mile round trip is filled with icy cold creeks that must be crossed, boulders that must be scaled, and other obstacles that park officials say shouldn’t be taken on by novice hikers. They advice those not experienced in hiking and navigating through nature should travel with someone who is.

If these images are any indicator however, we’re sure the journey there is well worth the effort. Check out the slideshow above.

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