Versace Wins Suit Against Fakes On eBay

Versace must be kicking its heels up today. After a long drawn-out lawsuit against counterfeiters, selling knockoff designs on eBay, the Italian fashion company won the right to prohibit Griffith Suisse Luxury Group from using Versace’s trademarks and utilizing the auction website eBay as a selling platform.

versace bag

The group had been selling counterfeit Versace-branded merchandise from the site out of the Philippines and Australia.

“Counterfeit goods not only bring a dilution of the brand, but are connected to organized crime, child labor and harmful working conditions,” Versace chief executive officer Gian Giacomo Ferraris said.

He added: “We are very pleased with the ruling. Versace is a brand that is well known around the world, and the violation of its intellectual property rights is a problem that the company has always been actively fighting. One cannot take pride in being counterfeited.”

Versace has recently signed up to Certilogo, a system which allows customers to enter their code online using the Certilogo Authenticator to check the authenticity of their purchase.

Versace isn’t the only designer battling knockoffs.Christian Louboutin recently lost a lawsuit against fast fashion outlet Zara, and was been ordered to pay $3,600 to the high street retailer.

According to Grazia, Louboutin filed a lawsuit against Zara in 2008 claiming Zara sold a pair of slingbacks that were far too similar to a Louboutin design. The Zara version cost around $70, while the Loubs cost nearly $700. Louboutin won the suit, but Zara fired back with an appeal in 2011, citing there was no way that a customer would confuse the two. Now France’s final court of appeal Cour de Cassation has ruled in favor of Zara (ouch) and has fined Louboutin (double ouch).