Veterinarian Arrested for Implanting Heroin in Puppies

A Venezuelan veterinarian was arrested in Spain, and accused with surgically implanting heroin inside puppies that were bound for the United States. 33-year-old Andres Lopez Elorza was taken into custody, according to reports, after he allegedly took part in a plan to smuggle the drugs into the country from Colombia.

The vet has been on the run ever since 2005, when officials raided his clinic in Colombia. Ten dogs were taken into custody and examined. The animals were found to have had liquid heroin implanted inside of them.

Of the ten dogs, all of which were recovered in the 2005 raid, three of the animals died from infections related to the implant incisions.

Elorza fled to Spain, where he has been living and working a vet.

He was finally taken into custody after his extradition was authorized. He will be taken to the United States where he will face drug charges.

The dogs were going to be passed off as show puppies to get through customers in the United States.

Officials have confirmed that Elorza was arrested this week by Spanish police.  Elorza reportedly has not had any drug-trafficking related charges during his eight years spent living in Spain.

The exact charges and counts that Elorza will face are not yet known.