VIDEO: Angry Bull Rips off Man’s Trousers and Underwear

Bullfights aren’t all fun and games. People do actually get gored to death, and it’s not always the bullfighter who gets hurt. People in the audience, usually bull runners (not the same as a bullfighter), often get attacked by angry bulls who go ballistic.

The footage you see above was taken in Zaragoza, Spain on Monday. It shows a bull runner being dragged along by the bull’s horns for several feet while the audience goes insane.

After the bull dumps the man to the ground, he jerks his head sideways, ripping his the man’s clothes, even his underwear.

Helpers rush in to distract the bull so the victim can wrangle free. And he does, by limping into the audience with his trousers around his ankles.

We’re happy this guy didn’t really get hurt. That way, we don’t feel guilty laughing, because admit it, this video is just hilarious.