VIDEO: Crazed Machete Wielding Man Gets Hit by 2 Cars, Gets Back Up Before Arrest

This and two other videos which are available for viewing on Youtube were captured by people in an apartment above the strange scene that occurred on the streets of Oakland, California.

The man pictured getting hit by a car was waving a machete around and scaring prostitutes and pimps as well as cars driving by him.

One passenger driving by him got so pissed that he drove into the man, who surprisingly got up and attacked the car with his machete. You will also see the man get hit by a second car as well.

It turns out that in the third video, police managed to make a surprisingly peaceful arrest of the man. It’s not yet been determined if he was on drugs or if he has a mental illness. It is clear, however, that something was not right with him.

Until all the details emerge about this strange incident on the street, watch the video in which the man with machete survives two hit and runs without any noticeable injuries. Very bizarre stuff.