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VIDEO: Why Do Cats Purr?

They do it seemingly all the time, but why exactly do cats purr? It isn’t always because they’re happy. Which means, you shouldn’t always be super proud when you make them purr with a back scratch.

And how do they do it? Can all cats purr? Do they do it by will?

These are all questions that have crossed our mind more than just once, but we never really looked into them either because it slipped our minds or because of pure laziness — probably the latter. But thanks to the fun and informative video below, not only do we have the answers to all these questions in one place, we also now have a wealth of knowledge about the whole cat-purring business.

It also gets into some things we weren’t thinking about. For example, do bigger cats like lions or tigers purr? And do cats only purr when they’re happy? (SPOILER ALERT: They don’t.) Oh, if you have been wondering all of these things, you’ll love the video below.

Next time our cats give us those vocal vibratons, we’re not going to look at them with wonder, but tons of understanding about all the mechanics that go into it and we think that’s purrty cool (sorry, had to do it).

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