Video: Frat Boys Prove That Everyone Loves Taylor Swift

In case the world needed further evidence that Taylor Swift—with her catchy tunes and down-home image—possess an appeal to virtually every demographic, a homemade lip dub by some university students demonstrates that even frat boys can get down to T-Swift.

Members of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu, a fraternity at Transylvania University in Kentucky, made the lip-sync video to Taylor Swifts current popular hit “Shake It Off”. It could be called a parody, but the guys are just so into it (clearly having lots of fun) that it’s a blaring testimony to Swift’s popularity.

The video shows one frat member waking up with a hangover, that turns into a tour of the dorms with various frat boys getting a few seconds in the spotlight as they do spot-on lip-dubs to the lyrics.