VIDEO: Girl Sits on Complete Strangers & Things Get Really, Really AWKWARD

We’re not sure how many of you have been there, but we’ve certainly had our fair share of strangers accidentally take a seat in our lap.

Our reactions often went something like this: “Umm… excuse me?” Luckily, we’re super chill and let it slide without making the situation too awkward.

As part of a hidden camera prank, an actress named Tara Rose walked around New York City to find unsuspecting strangers to mount.

The prank had some mixed results. Some of them were absolutely hilarious, while others made us feel quite uncomfortable — like sexual harrassment uncomfortable.

There was even a relationship that probably got ruined in the process, but that dude probably deserved did.

We don’t know how or why OckTV tries to pull off these stunts, although, we wouldn’t be surprised if they faced the repercussions of messing with the wrong person one of these days.

Watch the video above.