VIDEO & LISTS: What We Googled in 2014

An inspiring video, and a few not-so inspiring lists. Google released the above one-minute video about the beautiful things we used our favorite search engine to find out about. It’s a beautiful video that makes the internet, and the world it connects, look like a beautiful, inspiring place.

But when you get down to the actual list of the most searched topics, your faith in humanity may dwindle a bit. In fact, while there were plenty of inspiring viral stories, we mostly searched for two things: sex, pain and death. Because that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?

View the lists below:

First, the 10 most searched topics, containing a lot of death:

  1. Robin Williams
  2. World Cup
  3. Ebola
  4. Malaysia Airlines
  5. Flappy Bird
  6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  7. ISIS
  8. Ferguson
  9. Frozen
  10. Ukraine

And now, the list of most trending people (several of whom who had nudes leaked, so sex, like we said):

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Tracy Morgan
  4. Ray Rice
  5. Tony Stewart
  6. Iggy Azalea
  7. Donald Sterling
  8. Adrian Peterson
  9. Rene Zellweger
  10. Jared Leto