VIDEO: Piglet in Wheelchair Will Win Over Your Heart

“He just makes me happy,” said Mr. Lucero, the veterinarian who adopted Chris P. Bacon. “I only get three or four hours of sleep a night, if that, because I’m trying to keep up with all his media.”

The vet ended up caring for the piglet after a client, who could not care for the disabled piglet, dropped him off at the hospital in Clermont, Florida.

Born without the use of his hind legs, the pink little farm animal has become an Internet sensation after Lucero posted videos up on YouTube of the little guy learning how to use a tiny makeshift wheelchair built out of his kids’ K’nex construction toys.


Lucero does not intend to make much money off of Chris’ rising celebrity status, despite drawing up plans for “I Love Chris P. Bacon” T-shirts and possible advertisements on his YouTube videos. Instead, he says that the adorable cob roller has more value to him than simply dollar signs.

“I want my piggy to be famous,” Lucero said. “My goal is to put him out there because he makes people happy.”

What was once looking like a grim ending for the cute, grunting Chris P. Bacon… is now a bright future.