VIDEO: Python Bites Man on Toilet

WARNING: This video may be too graphic for some audiences.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Attapom Boonmakchuay went to use the bathroom in Thailand when a large python sprang up from the toilet and sank its fangs into his penis.

While Boonmakchuay’s wounds weren’t life-threatening, it was a very close call. “I fought it,” he said from his hospital bed. “I called my wife and she went to get the neighbor.” It took about a minute for the neighbor to get there, and while help was arriving, Boonmakchuay was able to free himself. “During that time it began to lose some strength,” he said, “so I used my hand to pry open its mouth. The snake then released its grip by itself.”

“I think he’s lucky,” said Dr. Chutima Pinchareon, the Hospital Director where Boonmakchuay was treated. “We have to watch for infection. If there is none, and if the wound is healing well, then he should be able to go home.” She adds that Boonmakchuay narrowly escaped a horrible fate. “If the bite would have gone into the urinary tract, it would have been a big problem.”

The next time you use a toilet in Thailand, make sure you take a good look inside first.