Video Surfaces of Nicki Minaj Twerking Before She Had a Butt

Nicki Minaj is almost as famous for her curves as she is for her chart-topping raps. While she has always been able to spit rhymes, as the video above proves, a couple of her assets weren’t so prominent in her pre-fame days.

In this recently surfaced video, Nicki Minaj shows off her early rap skills—but when she turns around to dance, there is something missing.

Yes that’s right, this video shows Nicki twerking before she had a butt!

The ‘Anaconda’ singer starts to twerk, but she clearly has significantly less booty than she is seen shaking these days.

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This throwback video has re-ignited speculation as to what kind of enhancement Nicki has had done to achieve her voluptuous figure.