VIDEO: Tiny Animals’ Tiny 4th of July BBQ

This may be silly but it’s awful cute. A bunny, a hamster, a guinea pig and a hedgehog feast and hang out and wear funny hats.

We wonder about the guy in the video, who is perhaps the owner of these little guys. Seriously, how much time did it take him to get a barbecue on for a group of little animals and get them to comply?

And how did these pets (assuming they belong to him) sit still for so long during the video shoot?

The only thing missing from this tiny barbecue is tiny beers and tiny vodka shots. Oh, and tiny firecrackers. But they got a pool and a small patch of grass for hanging out before their delicious meal of tiny veggies and meat.

Here’s hoping you have a fun and safe 4th of July and that the food you eat at barbecues this weekend is a little bigger than what these guys ate.