VIDEO: Walmart Shoplifter Escapes by Kicking Through Ceiling, Crawling Through Air Ducts

It turns out Walmart’s shoplifters are just as weird as the rest of the store’s customers, if a recent report of one is to be believed.

According to eyewitnesses, a shoplifter at a Mobile, Ala. Walmart evaded store security by climbing into the store’s ventilation system, leaving a gaping hole in the store’s ceiling behind him.

“It was insane,” said bystander Brannan Lynn who caught the escape on camera. “It was unbelievable, the great timing I had.” reports the shoplifter, name unknown, was dragged back into the store by a loss prevention officer who noticed his stealing just as he cleared the first set of sliding glass doors at the exit.

“The crazy thing was the initial excitement,” Lynn said. “We thought it was over.”

The man was taken to the security office but kept banging on the door and demanding to be freed. Lynn and his father sat down to eat at the adjoining McDonald’s, but their meal was soon interrupted by loud bangs behind them, the sounds of the man kicking his way through the plaster ceiling.

Once inside, he presumably crawled through the ventilation in search of the exit. He found it. reports:

In video provided by Lynn, the man can be seen kicking out the ceiling and later dangling from the hole, tip toeing to balance on top of the door’s frame. He hits the ground and runs out of the glass doors. Lynn said he ran around the parking lot before he jumped into a red car and made his escape.