VIDEO: You Can Now Breathe in Alcohol at These Trendy Parties

The idea of getting drunk without actually drinking anything is becoming really popular lately.

Coming soon to London’s Borough Market is an event that is part art, part partying. It’s called (get this) “Alcohol Architecture.” The host of the parties which begin July 31, is Bompas & Parr, a very eccentric and fun food-art studio that’s already famous in London for their custom made jellies and fruit-flavored fireworks (yes, the fireworks do explode).

Now Bompas & Parr have outdone themselves with an experiment that’s probably going to take off beyond their wildest dreams. They’ve created an “alcoholic weather system,” which is a thick mist that’s one part spirits, three parts mixer.  Yes, just like what you’d drink in a glass except it’s a mist that dispenses booze in the form of a cloud of breathable booze.

Guests of these parties enter an alcohol chamber wearing protective ponchos and take in alcohol through their lungs and eyeballs. Inside, the humidity is so high that you can’t see very far, which is great because the ponchos are rather hideous for a night out on the town.

Before you start worrying about toxicity and all that, Bompas & Parr have worked with respiratory scientists to arrive at the optimal dwell time—50 minutes, or the equivalent of about one liquid drink.

They also serve regular potable drinks too: Chartreuse, Trappist beer (yes, as in Trappist monks), Buckfast wine (another monk thing), and other monastic libations—a nod to the Gothic cathedral, Southwark, next door. Guests are given the option of taking a drink inside the alcohol chamber if they’re really looking to get blasted.

Our only question is, does the mist have as many calories as a regular drink?