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VIDEO: You’ve Been Cooking Your Thanksgiving Turkey All WRONG

If you ruin the turkey, you ruin Thanksgiving.

With the holidays right around the corner, having a delicious, moist turkey as the main course is on everyone’s minds. And there’s nothing worse than a dry turkey.

The video below, with its easy-to-follow instructions, will show you how to properly cook a turkey, and even offers a few tips on how to select the best bird at the grocery store.

If you’re like the majority of folks, you probably only give your bird a day to thaw out, but you’ll be surprised to hear that’s just not long enough.

According to CHOW, “the average twelve-to-sixteen pound bird takes three to four days whole days to thaw.”

Watch the video below to figure out what you’ve been doing wrong with your Thanksgiving turkey, and how to finally get it right.

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